Classic Lineup Trading Cards: Armored Saint

Everybody has a handful of musicians and bands that they’ll lean on when discussing those who were underrated or didn’t get a good enough break. Among those in the hard rock and heavy metal genres, Armored Saint is one of my go-tos in that regard. I truly feel that they could have been America’s answer … Continue reading Classic Lineup Trading Cards: Armored Saint

Keys To Enjoying A Concert (and Proper Etiquette)

If you’re at all like me, a new year leads to new concert experiences. As of today, I’ve got Depeche Mode, Enslaved / Insomnium, and Herbie Hancock shows marked on the calendar, and I highly anticipate seeing what other events sprout up in Toronto and the surrounding area in the coming months. While I maintain … Continue reading Keys To Enjoying A Concert (and Proper Etiquette)

One-Album Wonders: Disincarnate

It’s incredible to dig through the history of metal albums and discover one of the many, many bands that have only released an album or two before splintering. Some of these albums are by groups of musicians that never really went on to do much else in the music industry, and then there are others … Continue reading One-Album Wonders: Disincarnate

Music Meets Gaming – Road Rash: Jailbreak

I’m the kind of guy that never really knows what to watch. I’ll spend far too long flipping around Netflix, Tubi, or whatever streaming service I happen to be using, and it gets frustrating when you have to settle on a mediocre title. I don’t recall the same level of irritation when shopping at Blockbuster … Continue reading Music Meets Gaming – Road Rash: Jailbreak

Alternate Album Cover Art VI: The Undiscovered Variant

They stopped numbering Star Trek movies after the sixth one, so if I’m to continue this series I’ll need a new franchise to pay homage to in my titles. What goes beyond six movies, though? The Fast and the Furious series? I love action movies, but I’ve never been won over by Vin Diesel. I’ll … Continue reading Alternate Album Cover Art VI: The Undiscovered Variant

Five Overlooked Moments from This Is Spinal Tap

I’ve got a fairly long history with the movie This Is Spinal Tap. Like how many reacted when first hearing about this mockumentary, I wasn’t sure if this was about a real or a fake band. Having seen the group previously on The Simpsons did nothing to settle that uncertainty. To add even further to … Continue reading Five Overlooked Moments from This Is Spinal Tap

When Two Become One: Metallica’s Load and Reload

It seems like almost every step along the way, Metallica have had critics jump on them for notable creative decisions. Ride the Lightning marked the first notable example of the band slowing their tempo with “Fade to Black.” ..And Justice for All saw them making their first music video in “One”, something that the band … Continue reading When Two Become One: Metallica’s Load and Reload

Toys That Rock!

We still can’t enjoy our favourite musicians on tour, but if you are a kid at heart like me with an active imagination, then you can simply take a tour of your room or living space and reenact the live experience. How is that, exactly? I’m a toy collector. Yes, on top of my music, … Continue reading Toys That Rock!

Music Press Photos

You know those glossy, black and white photos that celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld would sign for fans while on the road, and write quips on them as regrettable as “Nothing’s finer than being in your diner” or worse? I collect those. I’ve seen plenty of bars and dining establishments display signed pictures of musicians or … Continue reading Music Press Photos

Collect-A-Books (Music Edition)

What childhood was complete without having a few pocketbooks scattered throughout your room? They made for a great quick gift idea since they were a fraction of the cost of a full-sized book, and allowed you to keep a reduced book collection in as little as a shoe box versus the necessity of shelving (yes, … Continue reading Collect-A-Books (Music Edition)