Please Make My Album Cover! (Part 2)

It doesn’t take terribly long for me to find a visual artist that I appreciate. Seeing that I’ve got more comics than I can fit on my shelves, and shop frequently at thrift stores, flea markets, and toy conventions in further space-constricting hobbies, my eyes are always open and willing to spot something of interest. … Continue reading Please Make My Album Cover! (Part 2)

Al Di Meola Stars in… “Sequencer”

Am I the only one that loves it when musicians do the acting in their own music videos? The more outlandish the concept, the better! And if the musician can’t act to save his life, then that gets the chef’s kiss from me. It really shouldn’t because that’s more along the lines of what I’d … Continue reading Al Di Meola Stars in… “Sequencer”

Alternate Album Cover Art VII

No need for a grandiose introduction on this post. Given that I’ve gone down this road six times before (see volumes I, II, III, IV, V, and VI of this series), I’ll get right to the heart of the matter and go over five additional albums and their covers, continuing to explore various ways musicians … Continue reading Alternate Album Cover Art VII

Keys To Enjoying A Concert (and Proper Etiquette)

If you’re at all like me, a new year leads to new concert experiences. As of today, I’ve got Depeche Mode, Enslaved / Insomnium, and Herbie Hancock shows marked on the calendar, and I highly anticipate seeing what other events sprout up in Toronto and the surrounding area in the coming months. While I maintain … Continue reading Keys To Enjoying A Concert (and Proper Etiquette)

My First CD Purchase: Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys

How much music in your collection can you remember exactly where you were, and when it was, that you acquired it? As my collection grows and grows (I’ll slow it down in the new year, I swear!), I lose the ability to identify the origin story of most music on my shelves. They don’t all … Continue reading My First CD Purchase: Licensed to Ill by the Beastie Boys

Small Things That Upset Me (and other Blog B-Sides)

“What’s for dinner, mom?” “Leftovers.” That dreaded L-word could ruin an evening for me when I’d come home on a school day. There were never leftovers of my favourite foods (Shake N’ Bake chicken, Cheesy Beefy Potato Pie), just those that were kind of less… sexy (sexy in a food sort of way). But as … Continue reading Small Things That Upset Me (and other Blog B-Sides)

Music Anti-Videos

The evolution of music videos is an interesting one. Back in the 60s and 70s, it was fairly common for pop/rock artists would burst into the mainstream with appearances on late-night talk shows or through performances on shows such as Top Of The Pops, Old Grey Whistle Test, or Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. Bands did … Continue reading Music Anti-Videos

Music Meets Gaming – Revolution X

I’ve got that bug back.  The video game bug.  In addition to the Super Nintendo Classic Edition I threw some Christmas money at, a recent Kickstarter campaign is bringing back the old cartridge format that I grew up loving, with a new Genesis/Megadrive game titled Xeno Crisis.  Does this have any relevance to a music … Continue reading Music Meets Gaming – Revolution X