The In-Betweeners: Jonathan Mover

Any fan of Spinal Tap will tell you that one of the biggest bits of the band’s lore is their problems with drummers. It does seem to be a notoriously difficult position in a band to keep consistent. While I would call a number of drummers irreplaceable in their respective bands (like Neil Peart was … Continue reading The In-Betweeners: Jonathan Mover

Alternate Album Cover Art V: The (Not-So) Final Frontier

Sorry, I couldn’t help but sneak a Star Trek reference into the title. There’s plenty of these cases to go over. If you’re not sure what I do with these things, I basically explore albums from various genres and highlight artists that have made bold, interesting, pointless, well-needed, or idiotic changes to their album art … Continue reading Alternate Album Cover Art V: The (Not-So) Final Frontier