Classic Lineup Trading Cards: King Crimson

It seems that whenever I long to do something involving visual art here on my little corner of the internet, I always come back to trading cards. I’m not the most gifted in the art department, so doing something where I mix the use of photography with graphic design is something that I am far … Continue reading Classic Lineup Trading Cards: King Crimson

Playing Matchmaker

Among many things that the COVID-19 presence has lead to over the past year has been that due to the physical isolation, it has made dating rather difficult. Traditional avenues for meeting people are closed down (some permanently), and online dating cannot often advance to in-person dating due to the lockdowns imposed on the public. … Continue reading Playing Matchmaker

Captured Concerts

One activity that I’ve been meaning to do before I get too forgetful is to type out all the concerts that I have attended in my life. It may lack a few of the gigs that I saw in high school or some from smaller-scale local bands, but I’d estimate that the so-called ‘significant’ shows … Continue reading Captured Concerts